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Location : Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Presiding Deities : Lord Shiva

A duplicate of the Sisiresvara temple, it is situated near the southwest corner of "Bindu-Sarovara". The 'Deul' is well preserved, but the 'Jagamohana' is entirely modern, though built after the original one.

The decoration of the doorframe is slightly different from that of the 'Sisiresvara' temple. Here the figures of eight 'Grahas' ('Ketu' being absent) on the projected architrave over the lintel containing a seated figure of Parvati; the jambs are divided into three vertical compartments, of which those on the left from bottom upwards are a 'Saiva' 'Dvarapala' (door-keeper), the four-armed Brahma and the two-armed Agni. The central figure on the right jamb is damaged, the other two being the 'Dvarapala' and 'Varuna' holding a noose in his left hand.

The Skilled Artistry
Like the Sisiresvara temple, the facade of this temple is dominated by a 'Chaitya'-window containing a ten-armed figure of 'Nataraja' of neat workmanship. The niches of the central projections contain images of 'Ganesa', 'Kartikeya' and Parvati, the last devoid of ornaments and wearing a 'Jata-Mukuta'.

The corner-niches have different forms of Shiva including 'Aja-Ekapada' and 'Ardhanarisvara'. Of the other divine figures, mention may be made of the four-armed 'Mahishasuramardini' on the northern 'Raha'. The recessed 'Kanthi', demarcating the 'Gandi' from the 'Bada', is relieved with various themes, both mundane and divine, like amorous figures, inebriate man, door-keepers leaning against their staff, worship of the 'linga', homage of Brahma to Shiva, etc

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