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Location : Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Main Attraction : Kapilesvara Temple

There are numerous shrines, scattered throughout the locality of Bhubaneswar . Of them, mention may be made of the well-known 'Mitresvara' and 'Varunesvara' temples, standing side by side within the same enclosure on the bank of the 'Papanasini' tank to the west of the 'Chitrakarini' temple, the 'Makaresvara' temple further to the west, the 'Bakesvara' temple near the 'Yamesvara' temple, the 'Kotitirthesvara' temple on the bank of the 'Koti-Tirtha' tank, the 'Ramesvara' temple and the 'Navakesvara' temple, a few metres to the north-east of 'Bindu-Sarovara'. There is nothing outstanding about these temples, most of them being late, almost degenerate, specimens of period when the creative forces were thoroughly exhausted.

A Nameless Existence
Of the many nameless temples, two merit attention. One of them, displaying a striking affinity with the 'Lingaraja' temple, stands buried in the ground up to its 'bandhana', a few metres to the southeast of the latter within the compound of the Temple Office.

The other, situated a few metres to the east of the Lingaraja temple, exhibits conspicuous 'Anga-Shikharas' (clustering round the 'Gandi), the full play of which are encountered in the 'Rajarani' temple. Like the latter, the 'Dikpalas' on its corner 'Rathas' are standing.

The Kapilesvara Temple
The 'Kapilesvara' temple, located at a distance of 3 ¼-km south of Bhubaneswar , is a late specimen, dating from the 'Gajapati' period or even later. With no pretension to artistic or architectural merit, its only attraction is a stone grill, brought from an earlier temple and fixed in its inner compound wall.

Sculptured with three rows of animated figures, of which the lower two depict dancers and musicians, the piece excels even the analogous latticed windows of the 'Parasuramesvara' temple in dynamic vigour and rhythm.

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