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Location : Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Presiding Deity : Goddess Parvati

Like the 'Ananta-Vasudeva' and 'Yamesvara' temples, the Sari Deul is noted for its minute carvings. Its narrow courtyard is enclosed by a low compound-wall. The risen level of the surrounding ground conceals part of the 'Bada', with the result that the latter looks stunted and disproportionate, marring the architectural effect of the temple.

Description Of The Duel
The plan of the 'Deul' is 'Sapta -Ratha'. The facets of the 'Jangha are relieved with meandering creepers, flowers and scroll-work, often containing animal-figures, the central facets being further distinguished by 'Khakhara'- and 'Pidha-Mundis'. The corner 'Khakhara-Mundis' on the lower 'Jangha' contains the eight 'Dikpalas', the corresponding 'Pidha-Mudis' having their female counterparts. Of the 'Parsva-Devatas' only the chlorite image of Parvati is extant.

The 'Jagamohana' closely follows the 'Deul' in decorative details. The balustraded windows, without any opening, are only ornamental, and considerable skill is displayed in their embellishment. The balusters on the south side are relieved with dancers, while those on the north with musicians. The niche above the south window contains a royal procession with the king seated on an elephant and surrounded by infantry, cavalry and elephants.

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