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Location : 10-kms from Badamba, Cuttack District, Orissa
Dates Back : 9th Century
Presiding Deities : Shiva & Parvati
Architecture Style : Orissan Temple Architecture

Situated on an island in the Mahanadi River, about 10-kms from Badamba in Cuttack District, the Simhanath temple is interesting for its images of 'Shaiva', 'Shakta', and 'Vaishnava' cults of Hinduism. The 'Jagmohana' (porch) appears to be influenced by the "Vaital Deul temple" in Bhubaneswar .

The Simhanath temple combines older features with new and energetic experiments. This can be seen in such things as the elongation of the 'Paga' images, which crown the niches, and in the addition of a third terrace to the roof of the 'Jagmohana'.

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