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Location : Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Presiding Deity : Shiva

In the same compound, immediately to the north of the 'Vaital Deul' and contemporaneous with it, is the Sisiresvara temple, now deprived of its crowning members and also 'Vi-Sama' and the fifth 'Bhumi-Amla'.

The Duel & Jagmohana
In architectural form the 'Deul', together with the rectangular 'Jagamohana', approximates to that of the 'Parasuramesvara' temple, but in decorative details it is closely related to the Vaital Deul, its figures being equally remarkable for their fine workmanship and sensitive modelling (e.g. Nataraja within the medallion of the upper 'Chaitya'-window on the frontal 'Raha'). Its 'Pabhaga' consists of four decorated mouldings as in the Vaital Deul.

The Deities & Figurines
All the images of 'Parsva-Devatas'- the four-armed 'Ganesa', the two-armed 'Kartikeya' and the eight-armed "Mahishasuramardini" are intact in their respective niches of the central projections of the 'Bada'. The niches on either side of the central projections have different forms of Shiva including 'Aja-Ekapada' and such composite forms as "Ardhanarisvara" and "Hari-Hara", while those of the 'Kanika' contain 'Kanyas'.

The decoration of the doorframe is particularly attractive. In addition to the usual decorative bands of scroll - work and floral motifs, similar to those on the Vaital Deul, two facets of the jambs have each at the bottom a 'Naga'-Figure holding a foliated 'Purna-Ghata', the symbol of plenty and prosperity, and a four armed 'Saiva' guard.

The Jagmohana
The vertical face of the sloping eaves of the 'Jagamohana' on the south and east sides is relieved with war-scenes, the corresponding space on the north side having a frieze of elephants and lions. The outer body is divided into several broad compartments filled with sculptures, of which the figure of "Lakulisa", seated cross-legged, in the central niche of the south side is most interesting.

The "Dharmachakra-Pravartana-Mudra" of its front two hands and the treatment of its pedestal, consisting of a stylized 'Tri-Ratna' flanked by a deer and 'Naga', are distinctly Buddhist in inspiration. A damaged figure with a canopy of serpent-hoods and holding a vase in his left hand and a rosary in his right, to the right of the niche containing Lakulisa, has its counterpart in one of the images carved on the north inner wall of the 'Deul' of the 'Vaital'. Among other figures is noteworthy a relief of "Kamadeva" in the company of two females.

On the floor of the 'Jagamohana' lies a ten-armed image of "Mahishasuramardini", carved in high relief and bearing a close similarity to the figure on the northern niche of the Vaital Deul.

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