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Location : Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Presiding Deity : Parsva-Devatas

The Duel & Jagamohana

The temple, with its 'Deul' and 'Jagamohana', recalls the 'Ananta-Vasudeva' temple both in structural features and richness and affluence of decoration. Also like the latter, it is built of soft sandstone, resulting in a large amount of exfoliation and obliteration of the carvings. Almost all the sculptures of the 'Deul' are now gone. The damaged platform, which had the same type of ornamentation as that of the Ananta-Vasudeva temple, is now shorn of its facing stones. Both the 'Deul' and the 'Jagamohana' have lost their crowning members above the 'Amla'.

The 'Deul' further resembles the 'Ananta-Vasudeva' temple in the disposition of the 'Pagas' as well e.g. division of corner 'Ratha' limited to 'Bada' only. Here, however, the 'Dikpalas' and their female counterparts occur on the corner 'Rathas' of both the 'Deul' and 'Jagamohana'. Of the images of 'Parsva-Devatas', only the mutilated chlorite figure of 'Ganesa' exists. The porches in front of them are now reduced to the level of the platform.

The Beautifully Carved Banister Windows
The non-functional balustraded windows of the 'Jagamohana' are richly carved. The lintel of the north window depicts a royal personage seated on a throne amidst his followers and approached by visitors, who have apparently got down from elephants, carved at the corner. The pilasters below this window, corresponding to the 'Pabhaga' mouldings, are relieved with 'Naga' and 'Nagi' musicians.

The niche above this window shows a preceptor thronged by his followers, below which is a frieze of fighting cavalry. The carvings of the south window are damaged. The animated frieze of trotting elephants is, however, worth noticing. The scrollwork containing figures of animals on the facets of the central projections is equally noteworthy.

In front of the doorjambs of the 'Jagamohana' were two delicately carved pillars, now partly preserved. Between the steps leading to the 'Jagamohana' and the pillared 'Mandapa', which is reduced to core only, is a stunted "Vrisha-Stambha" (column surmounted by a bull).

The Courtyard
The temple is conspicuous for its spacious courtyard surrounded by an imposing compound-wall recessed with a series of niches for 'lingas'. In the southeast corner of the enclosure is visible the upper part of a small 'Tri-Ratha' shrine of the 'Parasuramesvara' type, buried under the earth.

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