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Location : South of Gandhamardan Hills, Bargarh District, Orissa
Famous As : A Hindu Pilgrimage

The foaming waters sparkle vibrantly, acting as a delightful contrast to the unmelting hardness of the granite bed from which it cascades through the sun-dappled jungle.

On the southern side of Gandhamardan, Harishankar sparkles with a series of bewitching waterfalls, cascading on the hill slopes, the last one providing a water slide to the amusement of bathers.

Echoing its joyful song, birds and bathers thronging the pool created by the swirling waters seem to give thanks to 'Hari' and 'Shankar', the reigning deities of Harishankar Temple perched on the southern slope of Gandhamardan hill. The hillside is famed for medicinal plants. It is about 81 km from Balangir.

Harishankar is a place of pilgrimage, famous for its uncommon scenic charms and the presence of Hari and Shankar, the dual deities of the Vaishnav and Shaivite sects of Hinduism. As a cool resort situated within the lap of nature, Harishankar is a panacea for the heat in the summer.

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