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Location : 77-kms from Bhawanipatna, Orissa
Main Attraction : Budharaja Temple & Haladigundi Valley
Fauna : Spotted Deer, Sambar & Black Panthers
Must Visit Excursion : Pre-historic Cave Paintings at Gudahandi

Deers, Ambapani Sanctuary, OrissaLocated 77-kms from Bhawanipatna and 45-kms from Nowrangpur, Ambapani is famous for the deity of Budharaja installed in a small temple at the foot of a hill.

The picturesque Ambapani hills present a panoramic view of nature. A frolicking valley called Haladigundi in this range of hills exhibits some peculiar features due to the reflected rays of the sun.

The whole area abounds in Spotted Deer, Sambar and Black Panthers, which can be seen at the Behera reservoir. Situated 5-kms away are the pre-historic cave paintings at Gudahandi.

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