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Region of Pondicherry : South India
Significance : A Union Territory
Popularly Known As : Pondy
Main Attractions : Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville

French Governor's Palace ,Presently  Known as Raj Niwas in PondicherryPondicherry - the undiscovered land. Welcome to the land of Aurbindo Ashram, the serene world of enchanting backwaters and lagoons and a palace reputated in the tourism world as the land of Dawn.

Pondicherry renowed as Pondy among tourists sums up the shared felling of belonging , of having come home. Pondicherry welcomed the tourists with its dream like tranquility at its sea beaches that relieves the people from stress and fatigue.

Pondicherry is also known for its distinct spiritual vibration from the early days and thus renowned as Sacred Land. So , just forget eveything and have the time of your life in Pondicherry.

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