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Location : Pondicherry
Famous Religious Centres : The Varadaraja Temple, Vedapureeswarar Temple, Jamia Mosque, Masthan Saheb Dargah, Cathedral Notre Dame De I'immaculee Conception & Aurobindo Ashram

Like the rest of India, Pondy is a place of many faiths. These can be broken down into sub-sects, usually more than once. People do much of their spiritual practice in the privacy of their own 'puja' rooms, prayer rugs, family altars and meditation spaces. But there are also public places where individuals perform spiritual rites.

For an Indian city, Pondicherry is bereft of renowned architecture. This is not Tanjavur or Agra or Goa. Nevertheless, its spiritual places have special meaning for believers, and some have charm even for those of other beliefs.

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