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Location: About 160-km From Sikar, Rajasthan
Tourist Attractions: Jhunjhunu, Nawalgarh
Best Time To Visit:October To March.

Dundlod is a tiny town right in the heart of the Shekhawati region. It offers an interesting stopover against picturesque surroundings. Although it has little of tourist interest, the fort here dates back to 1750 AD, though much of it is more recent. It is owned by a direct descendent of Rawal who built the place.
Dunlod Fort, Dundlod, Rajasthan
The Diwan-I-Khas audience hall is still in very good condition. Kila of Dundlod, the 17th century Rajputana fort, studded with monumental nostalgia of Shekhawats, the warrior Rajputs who withstood the onslaught of Mughal hordes. Since then, the cultural heritage of splendid Rajasthan is preserved as its ethos are imbibed in architectural grandeur of the Dundlod Fort. The silent ripples of the golden sand dunes, which besiege the fort lure and enchant tourists and villagers alike.


The Fort of Dundlod: It is an embodiment of cultural amalgamation of Rajputana and Mughal School of Art and Architecture. Its motif of flowers and foliage, minarets, mythological paintings, archaic furniture, wall hangings of arrows and shields have remained unchanged since hoary past. The family of Dundlod is the descendant of Kesari Singh, the fifth son of Sardhul Singh. Dundlod castle was built by him in 1750 AD.

Suraj Pole, Bichla Darwaza, Uttar Pole: As one enters the imposing Suraj Pole gateway of the fort, one feels that one has stepped into a bygone era. Then comes the Bichla Darwaza, which turns into the main courtyard of the fort from the Uttar Pole, to face the steps leading to the majestic Diwan Khana.

The Diwan Khana: Built in Mughal architecture and furnished with 'Louis The XIV furniture', the Diwan Khana is truly majestic. It has a magnificent library, with a very rich collection of rare books on Indian History. You can also see the family portraits, which remind you of the times gone by in history. Above this lies the Duchatta, from where the ladies watched the court ceremonies in 'purdah'.

Havelis of the Goenkas: The famous Goenka Haveli is also located here. The magnificent sight of the beautifully painted havelis is a treat to the eyes.


Jhunjhunu: The aesthically painted havelis of Tibriwals and the Modis; the Khetri Mahal, known for its purity and the ornate frescoes of the Bihariji Temple are worth seeing. more...

Nawalgarh: Some of the finest frescoes can be seen here. more...

Mukundgarh: This town built around a temple square, where one can shop for the local handicrafts, brass items and textiles.


Air: Shekhawati can be approached by road from Delhi, Jaipur or Bikaner, all of which are connected by air.
Rail: Railway Station is Dundlod, Mukundgarh.
Road: Well connected to the surrounding areas through roads. The distance of some of the cities from dundlod is: Delhi to Dundlod via Dharuhera, Rewari --- 250-km; Jaipur to Dundlod via Sikar --- 160-km, Bikaner to Dundlod via Laxmangarh --- 230-km.
Local transport: Jeeps and taxis are available.


Dera Dundlod Kila (98), is a very low-key affair offering comfortable but far from palatial accommodations.
For other accommodation options check out Castle Dundlod, Dundlod, Dist. Jhunjhunu.


One can shop for the local handicrafts in the nearby bazaars.


Jaipur (via Sikar): 160-km
Rewari: 250-km
Bikaner (via Laxmangarh): 230-km


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Climate: Mean Min.
Summer: 46.4 °C 37.6 °C
Winter: 15.8 °C 5.5 °C
Clothing Summer Winter
light tropical. warm woollen.

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