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Location: 48 km Sikar Dist, Near Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Temple: Shyamji Temple.
Timing: Phalgun Sudi Dashmi To Dwadashi.

Khatu Shyamji is famous for its Shyamji Temple. Khatu Shyamji Temple, Rajasthan, Jaipur, RajasthanThere is a steady stream of devotees the year round, but lakhs of them gather at the annual fair from Phalgun Sudi Dashmi to Dwadashi. Apart from being a place of pilgrimage, a large number of people come for the 'Jadula' ceremony (the first time all hair is shaved off the head) of their children.

Legend connects the place to the epic Mahabharat. Krishna, it is believed took the form of a Brahmin and asked for the head of Babhruvahan (Barbrik). He then placed the head on a hillock so that it could watch the war. Pleased with the sacrifice, Krishna, then, blessed Babhruvahan to be worshipped as Shyam himself in Kaliyug.


Khatu Shyamji is 48 kms from the District headquarters, Sikar, which is itself about 115 kms. from Jaipur on National Highway No. 11.

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