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Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Built By: Sawai Ram Singh II
Built In: 1868 AD
Attraction: Albert Hall Museum

The popular Ram Niwas Gardens located in Jaipur were laid out by the last Maharaja Ram Singh II, as a famine relief project. At the centre is the splendid central museum and near by is a small zoo and a bird park, good on atmosphere but short on animals.

To provide open space and greenery to the citizens, this large garden with a zoo, an aviary, a greenhouse, a herbarium, a museum and several sports grounds was built during the reign of Sawai Ram Singh II in 1868.

The beautiful Indo-Saracenic structure of the Albert Hall designed by Sir Swinton Jacob was opened in 1887 AD as a public museum. It contains a fine collection of sculptures, paintings, decorative objects, natural history specimens, an Egyptian mummy and the celebrated Persian garden carpet. Recently the Rabindra Manch with an auditorium, a modern art gallery and an open-air theatre has been added to promote cultural activities.

Ram Niwas Gardens are open all days except Friday, from 10AM to 4.30 PM. There is an entry fee for entrance.

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