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Location: 180-km North Of Jaipur, Rajasthan
Founded By: Kaimkhani Nawabs
Founded In: 15th Century
Best Time To Visit: October To March

Jhunjhunu, Jhunjhunu<BR>, RajasthanThe town of Jhunjhunu was founded by Kaimkhani Nawabs in the middle of the 15th century, and remained under their control until it was taken by the Rajput ruler Sardul Singh in 1730 AD, which lasted till the Indian independence. It was in Jhunjhunu that the British based their Shekhawati brigade, a troop raised locally in the 1830s to try to halt the activities of the dacoits (bandits).

They were largely local petty rulers who had decided it was easier to become wealthy by pinching other peoples’ money than by earning their own. Jhunjhunu is one of the largest towns of Shekhawati and is the current district headquarters. It has some of the region’s most beautiful buildings and should not be missed. The artistically painted havelis of Muragh Das Modi, and the Khaitans are spellbinding.


The Khetri Mahal: A fine minor palace dating back to around 1760 AD. It has very elegant lines and is architecturally the most sophisticated building in the region, though not in the greatest condition.

The Modi and Tiberwala Havelis: Both in the main bazaar, these are covered with murals, and the latter one is particularly interesting. The town also has a number of 'chhatris' and wells.

Bihari Ji Temple: It is a temple in Jhunjhunu, which is immensely popular for its antique paintings. Sri Biharji Temple is from a similar period and contains some fine murals, although these too have suffered over the years.

Shri Ranisatiji Mandir: Located in Jhunjhunu, it is one of the exemplary temples in India. It is one of the ancient pilgrimages in the country which is a historic, unprecedented masterpiece affording a panoramic view.

The Sati Chowk: A magnificent portrayal of the highest is situated in the Pradhan Mand with the imposing Shikhar. The entire edifice in white marble is enchanting. The main Temple of Shri Rani Satiji houses the main sanctum sanctoram. Qamruddin Shah ki Darghah, Mertani Baori, Laxminath Temple, Khetan Haveli, Ishwardas Mohandas Haveli, Badal Garh, Birdhi Chand Well and Ajeet Sagar are some of the places worth visiting. It is also famous for colourful wall paintings.


Mandawa: The medieval fort of Mandawa gradually rises on the horizon like a mirage. A painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows leads to the bazaar. A fine view of the town can be seen from the terrace of the castle of Mandawa. Notables among the havelis are Chokhani, Saraf, Goenka and Ladia havelis.

Fatehpur: A treasure- trove of beautiful frescoes, it is a historic town which was once ruled by the muslim nawabs. The frescoes on the Devra and Singhania haveli are an outstanding combination of Indian and western styles.

Nawalgarh: Founded by Nawal Singh of Shekhawat clan, this is the town where the finest of Shekhawati’s frescoes can be seen. Its havelis bear witness to the rich and prosperous Marwari era of the 19th century. Nawalgarh has hundred of painted havelis and a fine clock tower of British period.


Air: Jaipur is the nearest airport.
Rail: Jhunjhunu is well connected to the other parts of the state.
Road: Lying on the bus routes, it has good connections with the rest of the state.
Local Transport: Unmetered taxis and autorickshaws are available for commutation.


Jhunjhunu has the widest range of accommodation available in the whole of Shekhawati towns.


Shopping can be done at Nehru Market, Cloth Market and Phootla Bazar.


The Tourist Information Bureau: Hotel Shiv Shekhawati compound, Open: Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Approved tourist guides can be hired from here.
Recreation: Prabhat Cinema, Mahesh Cinema, Natraj Cinema.
Hospital: General Hospital, Dr. Jains Clinic.
Post & Telegraph Office: G.P.O. Station Road.
Banks and money changers: State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda.


Sikar: 64-km (approx.)
Jaipur: 180-km


Climate: Mean Max. Mean Min.
Summer: 48°C 37.6°C
Winter: 10.5°C 1.0°C
Clothing Summer Winter
light tropical. warm woollens.

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