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Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Built In: 1156 AD
Re Built In: 1367 AD By Maharwal Garsisingh
Attraction: Arched Gateway Built By A Courtesan

Gadsisar Lake, RajasthanGadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer, the rainwater fed reservoir, was built in 1156 AD and rebuilt in 1367AD by Maharwal Garsisingh. Until 1965, it remained the city’s only water supply. It is adorned with an arched gateway, which is believed to have been built by a courtesan. The Tilon ki Pol, the palatial archway at the water’s edge, was built by a local prostitute.

The dismayed king tried to severe it down, but not the one to stay behind, Tilon constructed a tiny temple along the lake, dedicated to Lord Satyanarayan (Krishna, as truth) and ensured the building’s survival. Along the lakeshore and on the islands, is a plethora of little temples and cenotaphs. Arrayed all around the tank, are many small shrines and temples. An extraordinary plumage of birds can be seen here.

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