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Location: 104-km From Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Tourist Attractions: UmCharbhuja Temple, Aurangzeb’s Mosque
Initially Known As: Medantak
Best Time To Visit: October-March

In olden days, the place was known as Medantak and was the capital of a ruler named Nagbhatt. Around 1488 AD, it was held by Duda, son of Rao Jodha of Jodhpur. Later, it was wrested by Rao Maldeo from Jaimal, the grandson of Duda. Maldeo built the fort of Malkot, which is now in ruins.

Temple of Meera, Merta, RajasthanIn 1562 AD, the place was captured by Emperor Akbar after a sanguinary defence by the Rathores, but he restored it to the Jodhpur ruler after 20 years. At one time, it was a great trade centre and was the headquarters of a 'pargana' (district) of the same name in the princely state of Jodhpur.

Dangawas, about 3-kms from the town, was the scene of a bloody battle between the Rathores and the Marathas (under General De Boigne ) resulting in heavy casualties to both sides. However, the Marathas emerged victorious.

Mira, the celebrated devotee of Lord Krishna and a great poetess of the medieval period, belonged to this place. The town has many temples, that of Charbhuja being the most celebrated one. A massive mosque believed to have been constructed by Emperor Aurangzeb, is worth seeing for its exquisite Mughal architecture.


Road: The enthusiastic trip can go by bus to Merta from Nagaur (76-km), Ajmer (80-km), and from Jodhpur (104-km).


For accommodation there are Dharamshalas and Dak Bungalow available.


Nagaur: 76-km
Ajmer: 80-km
Jodhpur: 104-km

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