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Location: Sikkim
Sports Attractions: Mountaineering, River Rafting, Kayaking, Yak Safari, Mountain Biking & Hang Gliding

Rock Climbing In SikkimThe perfect destination for vacationers in quest of enchantment, tranquility or adventure; a jewel embedded in snow clad mountains, Sikkim is a primeval land that is unlike anywhere else. Where one dreamy day blends into the next, a land so rich in culture, tradition and steeped in religion.

Adventure Bound!
One can wander up lush green mountain trails, in the very footsteps of those early travellers marvel at the Stupas, monasteries and temples. Acquaint yourself with a culture that is at once bizarre and fascinating. With its endless intriguing rituals and festivals and festivities. Sikkim offers a holiday that is more than a dream - it's a voyage of adventure and discovery.


The first European to explore the Kanchendzonga area was Douglas W. Fresfield who reached its base in 1899 from the Green Lake Basin area. A German expedition led by Paul Bauer made the first attempt to reach the summit in 1929 followed by another attempt in 1931 and reached an altitude of 26,000 ft.

In 1955 Charles Evans conquered Kanchendzonga a few feet below the summit from the Nepal side. In 1977 an expedition led by Major Prem Chand reached a few feet below the summit. In 1987 an Assam Rifles expedition attempted the peak. In 1991 an Indo Japanese expedition led by Hukam Singh and Yoshio Ogata conquered the peak.

A British C. R. Cooke first climbed the Kabru in 1935. A Swiss R. Dittert first conquered the Pyramid Peak in 1949. A British A. M. Kallas, climbed the Paunhri in 1911. A German first reached the summit of Siniolchu in 1936. It was later again climbed by the famous Sikkimese Everester Sonam Gyatso. Pandim was climbed in 1993 by a team from the Sonam Gyatso Mountaineering Institute. Rathong was conquered by an Indian expedition in 1964.

Rafting in Teesta Rivre, SikkimRiver rafting enthusiasts have two rivers the Teesta and Rangit gushing through paradise country. The Teesta (also spelt as Tista) experience takes one rafting from Makha down to Sirwani and Sirwani to Rangpo. The Rangit (also spelt as Rangeet) expedition is from Sikip to Nayabazar to Melli.

Beginners as well as experienced adventurers can seek the assistance of the Department of Tourism and travel agents for arranging river-rafting trips.

Teesta Experience
Makha - Sirwani - Bardang - Rongpo
This is an amateur level ride. Put in point at Makha, and roll down to Rangpo via Sirwani and Mamring.

Rangeet Experience
Sikip - Jorethang - Majitar - Melli
Put in point at Sikip, and ride the waters till Melli via Jorethang and Majitar.

Kayaking is undertaken on the Teesta and is arranged for special groups. Kayaking is for the more experienced and requires some expertise. Fibreglass kayaks of international standards are available on hire. Please inquire at Sikkim Tourism Office.

Scenic View of SikkimA Safari With A Difference
Yak Safari is organized from Dzongri onwards by Sikkim Tourism or organized Sikkim Travel agencies on prior booking. An unforgettable experience!

Mountain Biking is another adventure that has been recently introduced in Sikkim. Most of the roads in Sikkim are negotiable by mountain bikes. This sport is definitely poised to become popular in Sikkim in the near future. The sport is being promoted in most parts of North Sikkim & West Sikkim. For further details please contact - Sikkim Tourism.

Facilities are also available for Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing with instructors from the Sonam Gyatso Mountaineering Institute in Gangtok.

The department is shortly introducing hang gliding in North Sikkim and Jorethang in West Sikkim. For further details please contact - Sikkim Tourism.

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