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Location: Sikkims
Major Type Of Orchids: Rhododendrons, Juniper, Primulas & Genitans

Famous for its unrivalled scenic splendours, and the vast variety of its flora and fauna, indeed, Sikkim has 4,000 varieties of plants and shrubs. This expanse of exotic vegetations is divided into three zones:
(i). Sub-tropical upto 1,524m produce Bamboos, Ferns, Tree Ferns, Pandanus, the Sal trees and orchids.
(ii). Forests of Cherry, Laurels, Oak, Chestnut, Pine and Magnolia cover the temperate zone and northern valleys. Rhododendrons are in abundance from 2,438m.
(iii). Snow line starting range from 4,876m is the altitude where Juniper and Rhododendrons struggle for existence. The gentler slopes are covered with the beautiful Primulaes and Genitans.

Sikkim, the vast herbarium, as it has been called, has 660 species of recorded orchids out of 5,000 existing in the world; 500-600 species of butterflies and 500-600 types of birds. The orchid sanctuary in Gangtok is the place where rare Himalayan orchids are preserved and are on view. Sikkim's produce includes Rice, Millet, Cardamoms, Oranges and Potatoes, the last three being export items.

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