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Region: Sikkim
Major Peaks: Kanchenjunga, Talung Peak, Nepal Peak, Kirat Chuli, Pyramid Peak, Dome Kang, Jongsang, lhonak Peak, Kabru North, Kabru South, Rathong And Kikthang

Mount Kanchendjonga, SikkimThe Kangchenjunga massif is on the main axis of the Singali Ridge - the mountain range forming the divide between Nepal and Sikkim. The massif includes the main peak, the central peak and the south to the east it is flanked by the Zemu Glacier, which feeds into the Zemu Chu and the Lhonak Chu, two of the main tributaries of the Tista River (also spelt as Teesta).

The Peaks
North of the Kangchenjunga massif, the Singali Ridge extends to Sikkim's Northern border with Tibet it includes such peaks as Nepal Peak, Kirat Chuli, Pyramid Peak, Dome Kang, Jongsang and lhonak Peak close to the borders of Nepal, Sikkim and Tibet.

Sikkim HImalayas, SIkkimTo the south of the Kangchenjunga massif the Singali Ridge is equally impressive it includes the main peak of Talung at the head of the Talung Glacier, which feeds into the Talung Chu, another major tributary of the Tista River immediately south of the talung peaks are Kabru North, Kabru South, Rathong and Kikthang, while on a subsidiary ridge are Kabru Dome and Forked Peak. These peaks provide an impressive mountain wall which encloses the Rathong Glacier and the Rathong River flowing south to Yuksam at present this is the only region open to foreign trekkers, although there are plans to permit groups to trek the Zemu Glacier and even the wild and desolate lhonak valley to the North of the state.

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