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Location: Sikkim
Famous Lakes: Chola Mu Lake, Memencho Lake, Green Lake, Samiti Lake, Laxmi Pokri Lake
Best Time To Visit: May To August

Chola Mu Lake
Chola Mu is a lake, which lies on the plateau that juts into Sikkim into Tibet. From this moderately sized lake, the Teesta River takes birth as a trickle hardly a foot wide. The water in the lake flirts with ice before getting frozen in winter. The reflection of the surrounding mountains doubles the beauty. Everything looks so prehistoric that one can almost expect to see a Dinosaur amble by. A flock of birds, the cranes swim on the placid ice water of Chola Mu. These birds are migratory from Russia, China and other parts of India.

Memencho Lake
It is a beautiful lake located 20-km ahead of Changu Lake. It lies cradled between the mountains below the Jelepla Pass and is source of river Rangpo-Chu. It derives its water from melting snows around. The lake is famous for its Trout and a farm to cultivate these fish also exist nearby.

Green Lake
The Green Lake is fast developing into a take-off point for mountaineering expeditions to the peaks of this area. The Green Lake may in the minds of many conjure up an image of beautiful, exotic water body, but sadly it is not true. Infact in 1899 the lake had disappeared according to D. W. Freshfield who writes, the hollow enclosed between the covering moraines of Zemu and Green Lake Glaciers has been lately a lake, and is now a lake basin.

Samiti Lake
As one climbs towards Gochala Pass and pause to take a deep breadth, one can enjoy the colour of transparent turquoise of Lake Samiti - A glacial lake in the Onglathang valley.

Laxmi Pokri Lake
It is a big natural lake cupped in deep crater. The rim of the crater is so hard above the lake level that it is easy to photograph the complete lake without using a wide-angle lens. As one invokes the blessing on the bank of this Pristine Lake, one cannot help thinking that it is here that God really resides.

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