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Location: Sikkim
Main Attractions: Yak, Butterflies, Red Panda, Himalayan Bear, Shapi, Snow Leopard & Clouded Leopard
Avifauna: Emerald Dove, Fairy Blue Bird, Kingfisher, Ashy Woodpecker, Suntan Tit, Emerald Cuckoo And Blood Pheasant

Fauna In SikkimSikkim exhibits a large variety in the animal world to match its floral delights. Birds, species and reptiles are all present in Sikkim's animal kingdom. The tremendous variety of faunal attractions can be derived from the fact that 50% of the 1,400 butterfly species that exist in the Indian Subcontinent are to be found in Sikkim. Among other animal species are the elusive Snow Leopard and the rare Clouded Leopard.

Yak - a domesticated animal of Sikkim, survive above 10,000 ft and can live without food for days together. Chumpi is a hardened cheese is made of Yak milk. Crossbreeds of a Yak with Cow are known as "Dzo" and it can survive at lower altitudes.

Shapi - Discovered by a german Dr. Emest Scholfer in 1938, is an endangered animal, not bigger than a mountain goat, with long white mane.

Red Panda - The two feet long, the "state animal" of Sikkim, Red Panda inhabits on treetops, a vegetarian is found in the mountain forests at between 6,000-12,000 ft above sea level.

Himalayan Bear - Found in temperate forests, a vegetarian, living mostly on corn, wild plants, honey, etc.

Birds - Over 500 species of birds from bearded Vulture to olive ground Wabler are found in Sikkim. The most colourful birds include, Emerald Dove, Fairy Blue Bird, Kingfisher, Ashy Woodpecker, Suntan Tit and the Emerald Cuckoo. State bird of Sikkim is "Blood Pheasant"

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