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Location: Sikkim
Main Attractions: Orchids & Rhododendrons
State's Chief Crop: Rice
State Flower: Nobile Orchid

Major CropsFlora In SIkkim
Sikkim's local name "Denzong" translates as the valley of rice, which is the chief crop of the state. Basically, Sikkim can be divided into three zones-the tropical, temperate and the alpine.

The terraced farmlands have Rice, Maize and Barley as the main crops. Other crops like Ginger, Potatoes and Oranges are also grown. One of the chief cash crops of the state is large Cardamom. The jungles in the south district teem with plantains, Bamboo tree Ferns, Walnut, Sal and Oak while the north abounds in Pine and Silver Fir.

Sikkim's orchids are world famous as the state has more than 450 species of them. The colours range from the richest to the palest in species as varied as Cymbidiums, Vandas, Cattlelyas, Dendrobiums, Hooheriana, Farmeri and Amoneum. The state flower is the Nobile orchid of the Dendrobium family.

There are about 36 species of rhododendrons in Sikkim found at heights of 10,000 ft. their variety is as diverse as the sizes and colours range from the giant Rhododendron Crande (over 40 ft) to the Rhododendron Nivale (a few inches off the ground), and from the blood red to pale white. The delicate but hardy Primulae are found at heights of 12,000 ft and above. The Himalayan Rhubarb is a unique feature of this area, standing upright like candles in the arid vasts

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