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Accommodation Options: Houseboats, Luxurious & Budget Hotels, Guest Houses
Main Tourist Office: Tourist Reception Centre
Main Shopping Areas: Government Handicrafts Emporiums Near The Bund, Boulevard Near Dal Lake,
Government Central Market, Hari Singh Stand, Polo View Road And Lambert Lane


Srinagar has a great number of hotels apart from its well-known floating hostelries. If one wants something at the very bottom of the price scale or, conversely, at the top end of the luxury scale, one may find it easier on dry land. Prices are very variable with the season and the number of tourists.

Banks & Money Exchange:
There are a number of banks in Srinagar and money-changing facilities are also available at the airport and in several of the larger hotels. The GPO, with efficient poste restante facilities, is on the bund, quite near the tourist reception centre. The telegraph office and the telephone office are on Maulana Azad Road.

Visa Renewals:
Non-commonwealth citizens wanting to renew their visas beyond three months should go to the foreigners Registration centre in the park between the post office and the Tourist Reception Centre.

The J&K road transport corporation is also located at the TRC. There are some good bookshops around Srinagar, one of the best is under the Indian coffee house, another is the Kashmir bookshop on the bund.

Tourist Office:
The Srinagar office of the J&K Department of Tourism is at the Tourist Reception Centre - a large complex which houses the various tourist departments, airline offices, a restaurant/cafeteria, an accommodation block, hotel and houseboat booking counters and is the departure and arrival point for J&K road transport corporation tour buses and buses to Jammu and Leh.

The Taxi Drivers Union Office and one of the major taxi stands for up country routes is directly across the road from the Tourist Reception Centre, as is the Houseboat Owners Association Office.

Autumn in Srinagar - Jammu & KashmirPLACES TO EAT/RESTAURANTS
· Mughal Darbar, Residency Road
· Alka Salka, Residency Road
· Ahdoo's, Residency Road
· The Capri Bar & Restaurant, Residency Road
· The Premier, Residency Road
· The Tibetan Lhasa Restaurant, Just Off The Boulevard
· The Shamyana, On The Boulevard Near Dal Lake
· The Punjab Hotel & Restaurant, On Lal Chowk Opposite The Palladium Cinema
· The Badshah (JKTDC)
· The South Indian Restaurant, Behind The Reception Centre

There is a whole string of Government Handicraft Emporiums scattered around Srinagar but the main one is housed in the fine Old British Residency buildings by the Bund. Here one will find a representative selection of reasonably good quality items at reasonable prices. Even if one doesn't buy anything, and take advantage of the government's quality guarantee, it's a good idea to familiarise oneself with what's available here.

Go Shopping!
Other good shopping areas include along the Boulevard by Dal Lake where some of the flashiest shops can be found. The Bund also has an interesting selection of shops including suffering moses, where one will find some particularly high quality items. The Government Central Market, across Badshah Bridge, has a variety of stalls and again some government quality and price control is exercised, Hari Singh Stand, near the Amira Kadal Bridge, is a popular older shopping area, as are Polo View Road and Lambert Lane in the centre.

There are literally hundred of other shops scattered all over Srinagar and countless Shikaras patrol Dal lake like shoals of sharks, loaded down with the same items one will find in the shops.

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