Christ The King Church

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Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Built In: 1933
Architecture: Gothic Style

Christ the King church is located in Chennai in the middle of Loyola College campus. A fine example of Gothic architecture, which was designed and built by an Indian Mason commissioned by French clergymen. This church is synonymous with Loyola College and is a wonderful piece of architecture, which defines the idyllic environment of Loyola College.

S.A Gnanpragasam Pillai, who did not have any formal training in civil engineering or architecture, designed it. He was responsible for planning, designing and building the whole of Loyola College.

A Fascinating Piece Of Architecture
Its pointed arches, ribbed vaults, rose windows, three-aisled nave and the flying buttresses are a worthy testament to the Gothic style. The Loyola Chapel was built in 1933. Covering an area of 150 feet by 60 feet, with stained glass windows, this church is a captivating sight, inside as well as outside. A spire, which is 157 feet high, has a stairway leading to the cross standing on top.

A regular mass is offered everyday for the students and people in the neighbouring areas. The church does not conduct any other services for the public.


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