Kandal Cross Shrine

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Location : Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu
Popular As: Jerusalem Of The East
Considered As: Calvary Of Tamil Nadu

Kandal cross, a Roman Catholic Shrine considered, as the Jerusalem of the East is located in Udhagamandalam in Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiri Catholics consider it as the "Calvary of Tamil Nadu".

There is a relic of the true cross, which was brought to India by an Apostolic delegate, and people believe that it cures the sick, bestow heavenly blessings, peace and joy to the visiting pilgrims and tourists. Special Novena Prayers and Holly Masses are offered every Friday. The annual feast is held on 3rd May every year.


Rail: Kandal cross is easily accessible as it is at a distance of just 3-km to the west of Udhagamandalam Railway Station.

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