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Costumes Worn By Men: Lungi And Shirt
Costumes Worn By Women: Sari And Blouse

In Tamil Nadu men and women wear traditional costumes, women wear sari and blouse and men wear lungi along with a shirt and 'Angavastra'. Tamil lady in traditional dress, Tamil Nadu

Attires For Women

The traditional Tamilian women prefer to drape her heavy Kanchipuram Sari (also spelt as Saree) around herself, the lower part of the calf uncovered, the extra bit of pallu created thereby wound around her waist. What is striking about her is that she wears the most gorgeous of Kanchipuram Sari in the most casual way; its like she's dressed to go to a wedding every day.

A sari is a rectangular piece of cloth, which is five to six yards in length. The style, colour and texture of this cloth varies and it might be made from cotton, silk or one of the several man-made materials. The sari has an ageless charm since it is not cut or tailored for a particular size. In Tamil Nadu, saris are available in a wide variety of fabrics - silks, cottons, chiffons, georgettes and crepes; the list could go on and on.

Men's Wardrobe

In Tamil Nadu men are usually seen dressed in Lungi along with a shirt and Angavastra. The traditional Lungi originated in the South and it is simply a short length of material worn around the thighs like a Sarong. A Dhoti is a longer 'Lungi' but with an additional length of material pulled up between the legs.

The lungi is a rectangle cloth, usually made of cotton, draped around the waist and pleated in the front at the groin. The Angavastra is a long piece of cloth draped around the shoulders. Previously it was worn instead of an upper garment, but now day's men wear an angavastra over a shirt.

With globalization, dresses are also getting westernized. Though the majority of the women in the state still wear traditional costumes, the men seem to be more comfortable in western clothing and have started wearing shirts and trousers instead of Lungi.

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