Excavations In Tamil Nadu

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Capital of Tamilnadu : Chennai
Cradle Of : South Indian Temple Architecture
Official State Language : Tamil
Best Time To Visit Tamil Nadu : December To February

In search for evidence of our earliest ancestors in the Indian subcontinent, no area has attracted greater attention than the hills and plains of Tamil Nadu. A series of excavations at some of these sites has been planned in order to throw more light on prehistoric adaptive strategies and environments in South India . The story of this odyssey into our prehistoric past began in 1863 at the hamlet of Pallavaram, a suburb of Chennai, where a spectacular discovery was made by the British geologist Robert Bruce Foote. Bruce Foote along with his colleague William King explored the environs surrounding Chennai and discovered, documented, and analysed tools from numerous Palaeolithic sites. With the death of Foote in 1912, prehistoric research came to a virtual standstill in Tamil Nadu, but later on few others took up the excavation work and subsequently the Archaeological Survey of India conducted excavations. The archaeological remains belonging to Chola period can be found in the Arikamedu, Chitaral, Vallimalai Kalugumalai Poompuhar Pudukkottai town Tirunathar Kunru and Tirupparuttikunram.


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