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Location : 21-Km From Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Shape: Star Shaped
Spread Over: 24 Hectares
Discovered By: British And Spanish People

Berijam Lake located at a distance of 21-km from Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is one among the beautiful lakes of South India. Spread over an area of 24 hectares, the lake is star shaped and is known for its pure water. It serves as the main source of water supply for the town "Periyakulam", which is located in the valley below Kodaikanal. Berijam Lake, Tamil Nadu

The British and Spanish people originally discovered the Berijam Lake. This place was a swamp 80-100 years ago and was later converted into a lake with catchment areas around the lake. Fishing and boating facilities are available at the lake.

Situated at a very high altitude (a couple of hundred feet below Kodaikanal) and surrounded by immensely beautiful pine and acacia forests, the Berijam Lake is a super picnic spot and an ideal locale for trekking. But, forest laws protect the lake and the forest and tourists have to take permission from the forest officer in Kodaikanal, to go there.


Berijam is an ideal locale for trekking. Two wheelers are not allowed into the forest and tourists traveling by four wheelers are also not allowed to go beyond Berijam. There are two roads from Berijam leading to Munnar and Kavunji. These roads have been blocked for traffic for a couple of decades and with lots of stuff growing on them they have turned into perfect trekking spots.


Trekkers have two options to choose, either the Munnar trek or the Kavunji trek. The Munnar trek is about 40-km from Berijam and Kavunji is about 9-km. The forest looks gorgeous with Bisons, Deers and Leopards all over the place. It is advisable to trek in small groups rather than one or two people.

For those who wish to trek from Kavunji to Berijam can catch a bus from Kodaikanal to Kavunji and then trek to Berijam. Trekkers can also go trekking all the way from Kodaikanal to Munnar, which will take around three days and is approximately 80-km. For this trek one has to go prepared with warm clothes, heavy rain gear and food. Dormitory and canteen facilities are available at Berijam, which serves as a base for trekking.


Air: The nearest airport is at Madurai, 121-km away. It is well connected with other places like Chennai (444-km), Tiruchirapalli (316-km), and Bangalore (331-km) with regular flights.

Rail: The nearest railway station is the Kodai Road Railway Station, which is 80-km away. One can get trains from Kodai Road to Chennai (485-km from Kodai Road), Madurai (41-km from Kodai Road), and other places in the region.
Road: Kodaikanal is well connected by road with the important towns and cities of the state. Regular bus services are available from Madurai (121-km), Palani (64-km), Kodai Road (80-km), Tiruchirapalli (437-km), Coimbatore (215-km) as well as Theni, Dindigul, Kumili and Erode. Additional buses ply regularly during the season and the rates are very reasonable.


Accommodation is available at the star and moderate class hotels, lodges, and cottages in Kodaikanal.

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