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Location: On The Mount Road In Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Area: 3 Acres
Houses: A Library, A Burial Ground And A Guesthouse

Close to the Anna flyover on the Mount Road in Chennai lies the Thousand Light Mosque on 3 acres of land, donated by Nawab Wallajah.

It is referred to as the Thousand Light Mosque because of the legend that over one thousand lamps had to be used to light up the Assembly Hall, which stood at this same spot. Renovated a couple of times this century; it has two 64' tall minarets and a separate place of worship for women.

This multi-domed mosque, with sayings from the Holy Koran (also spelt as Quran) painted on its walls, comes alive during the annual Moharram. The mosque houses a library, a burial ground and a guesthouse.


Air: Chennai has an airport with both domestic and international terminals. Regular flights connect Chennai with the major cities within the country and also with countries like USA, Singapore, U.K etc.
Rail: Chennai is well connected by rail with the important towns and cities within and beyond the state.
Road: State transport buses and private buses connect Chennai with the major towns and cities within the country. For local transportation local trains, city buses, auto rickshaws and taxis are also available.


Being the capital city of the state, Chennai is well equipped with various kinds of accommodation options, varying from economic class to luxurious ones.

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