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Popular Music In Tamil Nadu: Film Songs

The main component of popular culture in Tamil Nadu is cinema (films). Much of the popular music comes from movies, as Tamil movies are musicals. There is an average of five songs in each movie. Films today stand more on the strength of songs, rather than the story lines and that is the reason why film producers spend 50 per cent of their budget shooting songs.

Music has always been special for Chennaiites, a fact evident from the sabhas (meetings) and its plethora of musicians. Even in the remotest corner of Tamil Nadu, music is watched and often requested on live shows. A lot of the new music is popping out of the computerised keyboard and other modern equipment.

The latest equipment will undoubtedly help raise the quality of sound reproduction. The growth of the Tamil pop industry is just a new phase in Tamil music. Sensing a potential market pop stepped in, just when people were looking for alternatives to film music. The change was first seen in films.

A.R. Rahman popularly known as "The King of Indian Pop" is one of the foremost musical artists from Tamil Nadu. In a music industry dominated by film scores, Rahman created more than two dozen hit singles over a span of eight films, each of which surpassed sales of 2.5 million units. His inspirational, infectious numbers have won him nationwide praise in India.

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