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Location: Near Chennai, In The Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu
Ideal: Picnic Spot
Famous For : Trekking

Chilldren's Park, Ealgiri, Tamil NaduAn isolated, attractive picnic spot in the Eastern Ghats is the Elagiri Hills, at an elevation of about 1,000 metres. A salubrious climate; scenic surroundings and a quaint Murugan temple are some of the attractions of this place. Located quite near to Chennai, this serves as an ideal location for a weekend where one could organize one day or two days' trekking.

Attractions Of Elagiri Hills
A church with exquisite craftsmanship and a beautiful park adorn these hills as an ideal tourist spot. There is a small lake for boating.

Trekking In Elagiri Hills
The trek route from Elagiri Hills to Jalagambari Water falls at the downhill takes a couple of hours and is recommended for starters.

Another trek route to Jalagambari, runs through villages, will take about four hours. This trekking trial is recommended for normal trekking. A trek through the forest to reach the peak is a little tedious. Elagiri Lake, Tamil nadu


Air: The nearest airport is at Chennai.
Rail: It is situated 25-km from Jolarpet Junction, on Chennai - Coimbatore rail track.
Road: Elagiri is part of Javad Hills of Eastern Ghats. One can reach Alangayam, a village situated at the foot of the hills. From Vaniyambadi, buses go to Alangyam, from where a Ghat road leads to top of Javad Hills, surrounded by thick sandalwood forests. This steep road leads to Kavalur, where an Astronomical Observatory is situated. By trekking, one can reach the southern part of Javad Hills and reach Polur, a Taluk (also spelt as Taluka) headquarters, which is about 30-km from the temple town of Thiruvannamalai.


A solemn summer resort, this place has comfortable lodging houses and rest houses.

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