Tirunathar Kunru

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» South India
» Tamil Nadu
Location: 2-Km From Gingee, Viluppuram, Tamil Nadu
Main Findings: Rock Cut Sculptures Of Jain Tirthankaras
Unique Feature: The Only Place Where All The 24 Tirthankaras Are Shown In A Single Large Composition
Also Spelt As: Tirunatharkunru

Tirunathar Kunru is just 2-km away, north of Gingee town, Viluppuram. The Archaeological Survey of India protects the site. On the western side of the road there is a hillock on which one can find two Jain caverns and a huge boulder containing sculptures of all the 24 Tirthankaras. The sculptures found here exhibit 9th century style. It is the only place where all the 24 Tirthankaras are shown in a single large composition.

There is an open rock nearby, which was the place where monk Chandranandi observed 57 days of fasting and died (5th - 6th Century AD). Another monk Ilayabhattara observed 30 days of fasting and died in the 10th century AD. Visitors can see an image of Adinatha and a figure of Mahavira (now damaged) in the pathway leading to the caves at the ground level.


Road: Tourists can access Tirunathar Kunru from Gingee town, which is well connected by road.


There are no proper accommodation facilities, but few small hotels and lodges are available at Gingee where tourists can stay for a night or two.

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