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Location: Near Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Significance: Archaeological Site
Main Findings: Jain Images

Vallimalai is located near Vellore, 16-km north of the Shivastalam Tiruvallam, on the Chennai Bangalore highway. There is a cave on the hillock, which has images of Mahavira and Sidhayika Yakshi, carved in the 9th - 10th centuries. It has been now converted into a shrine of Subramanya.

Three Groups Of Jain Images
There are three groups of Jaina images at different places. First group has Parshvanatha, Adinatha, Sruta Devi and Matanga Yaksha. Second group contains Adinatha and Mahavira flanked by Matanga and Siddhayika. Third group has a row of 6-seated images except for the third image; others represent monks of the Mulasangha at Shravanabelgola in Karnataka.

A separate boulder has Ambika and a Tirthankara. They exhibit western Ganga styles. The best examples of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Jain relations are exhibited here.


Tourists can access Vallimalai from Vellore either by bus or train, which is just 16-km away.
Rail: Vellore's main railway station is 5-km north at Katpadi, which is a junction.
Road: Regular bus services are available from Vellore to Vallimalai.


Accommodation is available at the moderate class hotels and lodges in Vellore.

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