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Originates : In Palghat Ranges, Kerala
Flows Through: Erode District Of Tamil Nadu
Ultimately Joins: River Kaveri On The Salem Borders

Bhavani rises in the silent valley in Palghat ranges in the neighbouring state of Kerala, after receiving Siruvani, it flows into Coimbatore District where it gets reinforced by the Kundah River before entering Erode District in Gopichettipalaiyam.

Bhavani is more or less a perennial river fed mostly by the South West monsoon. North East monsoon also supplements its water resources. This river runs for over hundred miles through Erode traversing through Bhavani and Gopichettipalaiyam Taluks (also spelt as Taluka). It feeds the Bhavanisagar reservoir, which takes an easterly course flowing through Gopichettipalaiyam, Satyamangalam and Bhavani Taluks, before it ultimately joins river Kaveri on the Salem borders.

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