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Tributary Of: River Tambarabarani
Originates In: Courtallam Hills In Tenkasi And Shencottah Taluks Of Tirunelveli District
Length: 80-km

The Chittar has 5 tributaries, 3 sub tributaries and numerous small streams contributing the flow. The Chittar and its tributaries have their origin in Courtallam hills in Tenkasi and Shencottah Taluks (also spelt as Taluka) of Tirunelveli District. The Chittar runs for about 80 kms before it confluences with Tambaraparani.

The Chittar's first tributary is Ayindaruviar (River of Five Falls), which has an anicut and irrigates about 293.40 hectares of land. Hariharanadhi confluencing with Chittar has two sub tributaries called, the Gundar and Mottaiar. The Mottaiar has a reservoir and a pick up anicut feeding 141.64 hectares.

The Gundar, which is also called "Karungalar" has 7 anicuts and a reservoir. They irrigate 465.39 hectares of land altogether. Mottaiar joins Gundar and Gundar joins Hariharanadhi. The Hariharanadhi itself has 7 anicuts and irrigates 445.10 hectares of land.

Aludakanniar, another tributary to Chittar has 8 anicuts irrigating 827.47 hectares of land. Hanumanadhi is the next tributary to Chittar. It has a sub tributary called Karuppanadhi. There is a reservoir of 185 m.cft, capacity across Karuppanadhi besides 6 anicuts. These irrigate 3,844.59 hectares, the Hanumanadhi has 14 anicuts and irrigates 4,046.94 hectares and the last tributary to Chittar is Uppodai. Uppodai irrigates 445.16 hectares through two anicuts. The Chittar River itself has 17 anicuts irrigating 8,903.27 hectares of land.

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