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Source : Talakaveri In Karnataka
Length: 760-kms
Coverage: Karnataka And Tamil Nadu
Main Tributaries: Bhavani, Noyil, Amaravati And Kollitam

Kaveri (also spelt as Cauvery) is among the most sacred rivers of India and is known as "the Dakshina Ganga" or "Ganga of the South". It flows through a length of 760-kms and its main tributaries are Bhavani, Noyil, Amaravati and Kollitam.

Mythology has several versions about Kaveri's descent to the earth. The most popular is that a king by the name of Kavera, who lived in the Brahmagiri hills, prayed to Lord Brahma for a progeny.

He was blessed with a daughter whom he named Kaveri. She was the water manifestation of the human form. The great sage Agastya, who married her, contained her in his 'Kamandalu' (also spelt as Kamandal) (spouted jug). When a drought encompassed the land, Ganesha in the guise of a crow, tipped the Kamandalu and out flowed Kaveri.

Along The River
In Coorg district of Karnataka, Kaveri has its origin in Talakaveri at the height of 1,341 meters. The first dam built on this river is " Krishnaraj Sagar " at 19-km from Mysore where it meets with Hemawati and Laxmantirth rivers.

After 25-km from Srirangapatnam it meets Kabini and Suvarnawati rivers and near Shivsamundaram, it falls from the height of 90 metres and creates many beautiful waterfalls and springs. At 64 kms from this place, it forms the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Here, it meets with Simsa and Akrawati rivers.

In Tamil Nadu, it flows in east direction but from Hogenakkel waterfalls, it flows in south direction. At 45-km from Maitoor, it meets with its main assistant river Bhavani. When it enters into Tiruchirapalli District, it meets with Noyil and Amaravati rivers. Here it is the widest of whole of its path and hence, it is called "Akhand Kaveri".

After Tirucharapalli, it divides into two branches. Upper branch is called 'Kaileroon' and falls in Bay of Bengal near Portonova. Southern branch is called 'Kaveri', which also falls in Bay of Bengal near Taranqubar.

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