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Rises In: Eastern Ghats Near Coimbatore
Flows Through: Vellore And Chingelput Districts Of Tamil Nadu
Terminates: In The Bay Of Bengal Near Caturangapattinam

Palar River rises in the Eastern Ghats near Coimbatore, runs through Vellore and Chingelput districts of Tamil Nadu and terminates into the Bay of Bengal near Caturangapattinam.

Palar River used to supply good drinking water to 30 towns on its banks and 50 villages surrounding it. The Palar river water was also used by the villagers to cultivate their land.

The Pollution Effects
Now, there are a number of tanneries on the banks of the River Palar. They let out the effluents in the Palar River. So, now the river water has been polluted and it is not useful for drinking or agricultural purposes. Due to pollution, the people are suffering from a number of diseases like asthma, skin disease and stomach ailment, etc. Thousands of acres of fertile land have become wasteland and it is not used for cultivation.

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