Chayavaneswara Temple, Chayavanam

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Location : At Chayavanam, Two Miles From Tiruvengadu, Tamil Nadu
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva

The Chayavaneswara temple is located in Chayavanam (Chaikadu), at a distance of two miles from Tiruvengadu and about a mile from the confluence of River Kaveri with the sea, known as "Kaveripatnam".

Much sanctity is attached to this temple and the pilgrims after ablution at the confluence worship Lord Chayavaneswara and seek his blessings. According to Hindu customary rites a bath at the confluence of a river with the sea is considered religiously meritorious.

Connection With Iyarpagai Nayanar
The temple attained legendary importance for its connection with Iyarpagai Nayanar, one of the sixty-three Nayanmars or Saivite saints of the South. The story goes that the Nayanar used to spend all his wealth for temples, feeding sadhus and satisfying their desires.

It so hap pened that once an old man approached him with the very absurd request to send his (Nayanars) wife to him as a gift. Without hesitation Iyarpagai Nayanar satisfied the desire of the old man. But this created commotion among his relatives, who never appreciated such a gift. However socially degrading it may be, he insisted upon his wife to follow the sadhu and she did so. The old man transformed into Lord Shiva, praised the Nayanar for his unstinted devotion towards Saivite saints and blessed him with liberation. Lord Shiva tests the depth of devotion of his devotees and rewards them when they stand the test.


Metalled roads easily reach the temple from Shiyali, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Semponnar Koil and Akkur railway stations on the Chennai- Mayavaram line.


Accommodation is available at the choultries located near the temple.

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