Sattanathaswami Temple, Shiyali

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Location : 52 Miles From Chennai, In Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu
Presiding Deity: Sattanathaswami (Lord Shiva)
Also Known As: Brahma- Puram, Venupuram

Shiyali is a Taluk (also spelt as Taluka) in the Thanjavur district, which is famous for the temple of Sattanathaswami, a revered Shiva shrine. Shiyali is known by different names known as "Brahmapuram", "Venupuram", etc.

The Legend
There is a popular legend about this place according to which Tirujnana Sambandar (famous Tamil poet), son of a Brahmin named Sri Shivapada Virudayar was born in Shiyali. One day Sri Shivapada Virudayar left his three years old son on the bank of a Teertha (also spelt as Theertham) and went to take bath. Tirujnana Sambandar began to cry out of hunger.

As the Brahmin was absorbed in meditation, the child's cries did not reach his ears. There was nobody to look after the child. Then Lord Shiva with Parvati Devi appeared before him and the Devi gave him milk, which gave the child 'Jnanam' (Wisdom) and he started composing songs in praise of God.

It is said that once even Lord Vishnu, Brahma, Indra, Surya, Chandra and Rahu came to Shiyali to worship the Lord.

Shiyali is the birthplace of many people who devoted their entire life to worship Lord Sattanathar and composed prayers. "Tirujnana Sambandar", "Tirunavukka- Rasu, Sundaramurti", "Manickavachakar" and "Arunagirinathar" are well known among them.

About The Temple
There are twenty-two Teerthams here. People visit in hundreds and thousands to take their bath in the tanks and worship the Lord. The temple, which is situated in the heart of the town, surrounded by big compound walls with lofty Gopurams; on all the four sides is maintained by Dharmapura Adheenam.

There are other shrines facing east in the same temple complex, which are dedicated to Mother Tripurasundari and Tirujnana Sambandar. Pujas and Abhishekams are offered to the deities daily and many festivals are conducted every year.


Road: Tourists can access Shiyali by road from Thanjavur. Regular bus service is available from Thanjavur.


Accommodation is available at the moderate class hotels, lodges and choultries in Thanjavur.

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