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Location : Cheyyur, Tamil Nadu
Other Names: Seyyur, Belapuri
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva

Cheyyur is a small village in Chingleput district, 18 miles from Madurantakam, which was previously known as "Jayamkonda- Cholapuram". During the reign of the Chola kings, a temple was constructed here. In those days this place was a dense forest and kept as a reserve for the Chola kings to hunt.

The Legend Behind The Origin Of The Temple
A Chola king came for hunting once and found that there was another person already in the forest engaged in hunting. This enraged the King and he followed him till he disappeared behind an anthill. His disappearance enraged the king much more and he could not control himself and let go a shaft from his bow.

\The arrow hit the anthill and blood gushed out profusely, which made the king curious and he asked his camp followers to dig the anthill open when, to their utter surprise, they came across a Shiva lingam. Since the Lingam (also spelt as Linga) was found inside the anthill it was named as "Valmikinathar". The King constructed a temple over the Lingam (also spelt as Linga). The name of the consort of the Swayambhulinga is "Muktambikai".

About The Temple
The temple is a small one but has great antiquity and sanctity behind it. There is another temple near the Shiva temple, which is dedicated to Subrahmanya in his infant aspect. In Tamil 'Sei' means infant. The name of the village (Seyyur, later Cheyyur) was derived from this fact. Ballavan Chola renovated the temple but the origin of the temple is lost in oblivion. The village was previously known as "Belapuri".


Air: Nearest airport is Meenambakkam in Chennai; it operates both national and international flights.
Rail: The nearest railway station is at Kanchipuram, which is on Chengalpattu - Arakkonam line.
Road: Tourists can access Cheyyur from Madurakantam, which can be reached by road either from Chennai or Chengalpattu. Private taxis and regular buses ply from Madurakantam to Cheyyur.


Accommodation is available at the small budgeted hotels in Cheyyur and Chengalpattu.

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