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Location : Pullavaneswaram, Tamil Nadu
Presiding Deity: Soundaryanayaki

Pullavaneswaram is the birthplace of Pattinathar. It is famous for the temple of Soundaryanayaki and Ghoshambikai.

About The Temple
There are fine carvings and sculptural work in the Gopuram of the temple. A stone construction resembling Indra's car with wheels and spokes can be seen on the southern side of the temple. There is a small portion on the right side of the entrance to Lord Shiva's temple where there is the idol of Sambavati Amman, worshipped even today.

Other idols found in the temple are that of Maruthavanar, son of Pattinatar, Chendanar, Ghoshambikai, Chandrasekhara, Shiva Sarma, the priest, Susilai, the wife of the priest, Shivakalai, the wife of Pattinathar's, Nayadiyar, Pattinathar's disciple, and of Bhadragiri Raja.

The Kumbhabhishekam of this temple was performed in the year 1957. Reconstruction of the Gopuram has been taken up. The people of Chettinad maintain the temple.

The Legend
The legend says that Indra brought Sambavati Amman in his car and worshipped her at this temple. It is also believed that Indra tried to carry the Linga (also spelt as Lingam) from this temple by tying it to his car. The Goddess heard the sound ('Ghosham') and got alarmed, so she is known as "Ghoshambikai". Madhavi and Manimekalai of Tamil legendary fame are said to have worshipped this deity.


Rail: The nearest railway station is at Shiyali on the main line of Southern Railway.
Road: Tourists can take buses from Tiruvengadu, which is only two miles away.


Accommodation is available at the small budgeted hotels at Tiruvengadu.

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