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Location : Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
Presiding Deity: Ulahalanda Perumal (Lord Vishnu)

Ulahalanda Perumal temple, situated about half a kilometre from the centre of the town near Kamakshi Amman temple is one of the oldest temples in Kanchipuram. The deity Ulahalanda Perumal in this temple represents the Vamana Roopam, incarnation of Lord Vishnu taken to save the Devas from the Demon King Mahabali. The deity Ulahalanda Perumal is depicted by a huge image of about 35 feet high.

The Legend
The Legend behind this temple goes like this; Mahabali was an ardent devotee of Brahma. He performed penance and acquired powers with which he harassed the Devas. The Devas then appealed to Vishnu for protection. King Mahabali never refused alms; so knowing this Lord Vishnu devised a scheme to humble him. Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarfish Brahmin and went to King Bali and begged for land, an extent of three paces of his steps, so that he could sit there and meditate. Mahabali thought this was a small request by a small man and accepted it.

As soon as he accepted the request of dwarfish Brahmin, had transformed himself as Vamana taKing a mammoth form. Then he covered the three worlds with his two paces, and asked King Bali where he could measure his third pace. Bali could not find any other place but his head and showed it to Vamana. Lord Vishnu then put his feet on his head and pushed him to the netherworld but spared his life because of his virtues and penance and ordered him not to harass the Devas. It is this manifestation that is worshipped as Sri Ulahalanda Perumal.


Air: The nearest airport is Meenambakkam aiport in Chennai, just 71-km away.
Rail: Kanchipuram has a railway station, which is on the Chengalpattu - Arakkonam line and can be reached via Chengalpattu from Chennai.
Road: Kanchipuram being an important pilgrimage center of Tamil Nadu is well connected by road with the major towns and cities within and beyond the state.


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