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Popular Form Of Theatre In Tamil Nadu: Therukoothu

Tamil Nadu had developed the art of entertainment to its pristine heights at an early age. The three modes of entertainment classified as "Iyal" (Literature), "Isai" (Music) and "Nadagam" (Drama) had their roots in the rural folk theatre like Therukoothu. Therukoothu (street play) is the vibrant living theatre of Tamil Nadu.

Therukoothu is more popular in the northern districts of Tamil Nadu and is normally conducted during village festivals, during the months of Panguni (March-April) and Aadi (July-August). The stories are taken from epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata, and also local folklore.

Usually the play starts in the late evening and gets over only during the small hours of the nights. The performance is so interesting that the audiences are spellbound unaware of the longs hours.

Theatre In Chennai
Chennai Theatre has come a long way from couple to three productions a year about 5 years back, to approximately about 25 productions per year now, comprising of local, regional, domestic, national as well as international shows, seminars and festivals.

Chennai also is witness to a bevy of happenings all around with little and large-group skill improvement workshops, experimental laboratory works, works-in-progress presentations, etc. The city boasts of its own list of theatre festivals, such as "The Other Festival" that brings to the city the best of international talent and artistry on the arts, theatre, dance and music front and "Natak", the inter-collegiate theatre festival that brings together and showcases the best of city's college and campus theatre talents.

The Traditional Of Super Theatre
Notwithstanding, there is also the culture of Supper Theatre, entertainment evenings offered by corporate houses and NGOs who bring theatre into the banquet halls of city's choicest restaurants either as a service to their valuable customers or in aid of some special and noble cause.

This has been on the rise in recent times, spanning at least one every other month. Leading Food and Clothing brands in the state bring about theatre productions domestically, regionally as well as internationally.

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