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Location:On The Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu
Famous: Hill Station
Ideal For: Trekking, Hang-Gliding, Angling And Golf

Green Trail, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Located on the Palani Hills, an offshoot of the Western Ghat mountain range, Kodaikanal is a spectacular summer resort and ecological paradise of Tamil Nadu. A span of 2,068-sq-kms of hills with varied types of forest cover, Kodaikanal offers ideal sites for Trekking, Hang-Gliding, Angling and Golf.

Sholas occupy key position!. Scrub jungle, deciduous, semi evergreen forests form habitats for Nilgiri Langur, Flying Squirrel, Sambhar, Gaur, Panther, Hyena, Chameleon and variety of birds.

Trekking In Kodaikanal
Head for Kodaikanal in the Palani Hills for small-time trekking. You can take short treks and hikes to tourist spots close by as well to local viewpoints. Overnight treks are also possible here where one can spend a night at a local village. Hike with a guide or without; it is entirely on one's own choice. In Kodaikanal, several guides giving one tips on treks and offering help will hound one. Use a recommended guide or see his credentials before deciding. Trekking enthusiasts must check out Perumal Peak.


1) Kodaikanal-Dolphin's Nose-Vallagavi-Kumbakkarai (8-km/5 mile) - It takes 5 to 6 hours. The return trip would be very rough and the hiking needs strong physique.

2) Kodai-Thopi thokki parai-Periyar Periyakulam - Roughly a 5 hours and 19-km/12 mile trek, includes steep rise and one can have a glimpse of Guar. Coffee plantations are in abundance.

Trekking In Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu3) Kodai-Vilpatty-Ganesapuram-Puliamarathope-Palani - A 6 hours trek of 16-km/10 mile distance, takes you to Vilpatty village and from there, a zig-zag steep path runs along the river Palar. Elephants may cross. Be alert.

4) Kukkal-Kudiraiyar Dam - A difficult 13-km/8 mile long trek route takes 5 hours for a trained trekker. Water falls, Sholas and deciduous forests will arouse interest. It is advisable to have a guide.

5) Pallangi-Poruthalur Dam -A 5-hour trek covering 14-km/9 mile runs through sholas, Teak forests and plantations. It is advisable to have a guide.


Madurai is the closest airport and a 3-hour bus journey away from Kodaikanal. To explore Kodaikanal town, hire a cycle or explore it on foot.


Accommodation is available at the star and budgeted hotels in Kodaikanal.

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