Hogenakkal Waterfalls

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Location : 114-Km From Salem, Tamil Nadu
Part Of: River Cauvery
Main Attraction: Its Vertical Drop From A Height Of 20 Metres With A Thundering Sound
Hogenakkal Means:"Smoking Rock" In Kannada

Hogenakkal Waterfalls, Tamil Nadu
This is one of the wonderful waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. It is located at a distance of 114-km from Salem and 133-km from Bangalore. It is a part of the river Cauvery and is about 250 metres above sea level. The main attraction of the falls is its vertical drop from a height of 20 metres with a thundering sound. Surrounded by mountains, Hogenakkal offers a quite holiday in comfort.

Since the waters of the Cauvery flow through a forest of herbs on their journey to Hogenakkal, bathing in these falls is considered to be good for health. The magnificent rugged mountain scenery around the falls can be better enjoyed by long walks and treks. And, as an added bonus, one can visit the giant terra-cotta village guardians, the Aiyanars, on the way to Hogenakkal.

Perisal Ride at Hogenakkal waterfalls, Tamil NaduThe Smoking Rock
The broad stream of the River Cauvery gets forked at this point; forming an island from where one stream continues on while it plunges into a deep chasm to create one of the loveliest waterfalls, gives these rocks the name Hogenakkal which means "Smoking Rock" in Kannada.

The roaring waters of the river Cauvery plunge down from the plateau edge (250m) to the plains. Flowing through a wooded valley, splitting and merging and splitting again these impressive waterfalls are popular amongst travelers finding a respite after temple hopping through Tamil Nadu.

A Ride In The Coracles At Hogenakkal
Often referred to as basket-boats, the circular vessels called Coracles have bamboo frames covered in either black plastic or buffalo hide. They wait like black mushrooms, propped against trees or upturned on the banks of the river.

When the river is in spate, all the dark rocks are submerged, but if one goes there in February, which is among the most favored months to visit this riverine spa, there should not be any problem. Coracles are among the most successful and oldest types of watercraft in the world - a reassuring thought when one is floating in these saucer-like devices.

An oil massage is another of Hogenakkal's treats. The Malishkarans, or the masseurs, are professionals armed with oils; powder and the right knowledge of the 14 massage points in the human body. You will feel rejuvenated after a thorough massage sitting on slabs of rocks followed by a bath under cascades of flowing Cauvery water.


Air: The nearest airport is at Bangalore situated at a distance of 133 kms from Hogenakkal. Chennai is 350-kms from Hogenakkal.
Rail: Salem (114-km) and Bangalore (133-km) are the nearest railway stations from this place.
Road: The nearest main town is Dharampuri, 45-km east on the Salem to Bangalore road. From here there are regular buses to Hogenakkal and the journey takes around 1-1/2 hours.


At Hogenakkal very limited accommodation is available, with the best being the tourist bungalow and the tourist rest house run by the state tourism development corporation.

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