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Capital of Tamilnadu : Chennai
Cradle Of : South Indian Temple Architecture
Official State Language : Tamil
Best Time To Visit Tamil Nadu : December To February

 Water Sports at Muttukadu Tarsha , tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu has a long coastal line providing ample facilities for various water sports. There are several water resources in Tamil Nadu, which are identified for Angling. Muttukadu is an ideal location for windsurfing. The East Coast Road stretch of South Chennai follows the coast and so there is the beach on one side and large expanses of vacant plots on the other. In the last couple of years a line of amusement centres have sprung up the stretch beginning with the VGP property. These amusement centres offer a variety of water sports that attracts tourists; especially those who want to try out new things in life.


Angling Water Sports at Muttukadu Tarsha Tarsha Water Sports

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