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Places Of Interest: Jaswant Garh, Tawang War Memorial, Manjushree Vidyapeeth, Craft Centre.
Watery Delights: P.T. Tso Lake, Sangetser Lake, Banggachang Lake, Thingbu Hot Spring, Tsachu Hot Spring, Nuranang Water Fall, & B.T.K Water Fall
Best Time To Visit: April To October

P.T.TSO Lake (Pankang Teng Tso)
This lake is a fetching heaven for tourist only 17-km away from maddening crowd of township. It is a beautiful natural site and provide tourist a lucky chance for deep communion with nature.

A Lake in Tawang , Arunachal PradeshSangetser Lake (Jo-Nga-Tseir)
It is a lake where observation of nature's beauty, serenity and sanctity gets a peaceful rest. Visiting this place, tourist can never control themselves in showing Hula-Hula as so beautiful appearance of nature is here. It is only 42-km away from Tawang. The lake emerged during 1950 earthquake.

Banggachang Lake
Banggachang is an anecdotal lake, very attractive for such tourist who would like to travel 101-km from the township. Many mystical stories, like seeing Gompa, candle light. Jewels and Coins and many other mysterious and nerve stimulating sites are woven around it. It has interior location and go to in very verge of it is challenging for tourist. It invites young and enthusiastic tourist to experience it personally in depth.

Thingbu Hot Spring
This hot spring is situated 68 km away from Tawang township. It can be approached from Jang on foot journey or by a pony ride. From time immemorial this hot spring has been of utmost use to the local population. This hot spring is known for its medical and therapeutic value.

Tsachu Hot Spring
A part from hot spring,this site is also suitable for hard trekking. The route of Tsachu has very attractive land scape and beautiful site. The place can be approached from Tawang after travelling 4 hours by light vehicle and further 4 hours by foot march.

View of Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh WATERFALLS
Nuranang Water Fall
This is most enticing waterfall near micro-hydel project, Jang. It is so beautiful that it is an unavoidable feature in one's itinerary. It is only 2-km down hill drive from Jang and is situated on near the Sela -Tawang main road at distance of about 40-km from Tawang.

B.T.K Water Fall (Bap Teng Kang)
Among so many waterfalls of the district, this is the most heart touching and dazzling water fall in this hidden paradise. It cascades from a height of about 100 ft at a place called Yumkhang at a distance of about 85-km on the way from Tawang to Zemithang. Many more waterfalls can be seen enroute to Zemithang.


Sela Peak
Sela Peak in Tawang , Arunachal PradeshIn search of the hidden paradise of Tawang, the Peak of Sela naturally comes in the way as a gigantic mountain of mountains. It entices visitors' keen to imagine what would be the demographically shape and colour of Tawang on the other side of the peak. The Sela Pass is the gateway of Tawang district. It is at a height of 13,714 ft. and proper Tawang main town is 92-km away from Sela Pass. There are two beautiful lakes at Sela, which have been always alluring the visitors for memorable snapshots.

Gorichen Peak
It is the highest peak in Tawang and is 22500 ft. in height. The snow caped ,sky touching peak of Gorichen is 164 KM away from Tawang township. It has been always a challenging game of stamina for mountaineers Zeal and determination. Many back packers attempted for successful climbing of its steeply and dizzy heights, but a few could enjoy success.

Geshila Peak
This beautiful peak is the nearest one to Tawang township at a distance of 25 KM via a place called Khrimu. At the top of this peak one can enjoy a deep solitude. The top of gesela peak offers a unique angle for over viewing the whole district.


Jaswant Garh
In journey towards Tawang township from Bomdila, one reaches Jaswant Garh after about half an hour drive from the Sela Pass. The Place was given name after the death of a great Indian Warrior Jaswant Singh Rana, who had fought alone against Chinese soldiers continuously for 72 hours in 1962 Indo- China War and made supreme sacrifice for the country. Who would not like to visit this place to pay tribute to this great Son of India who is immortal among us.

Tawang War Memorial
It is a beautiful Stupa, dedicated to the memory of those brave soldiers who made supreme sacrifice defending the frontiers of the Mother Land during 1962 Indo-China War.

Manjushree Vidyapeeth
This is the only orphanage of its kind in Tawang District. It is situated at a distance of 5 km from Tawang town-ship. For visitor it may be a pleasure with a different experience to meet the inmate orphan children and their caretakers in the orphanage.

Craft Centre
It is a centre for mask making and weaving clothes in tradition style of Monpas. It is a govt-sponsored organization. There is also a sales emporium in the centre. It is located within the township.

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