Application for Damaged & Expired Passport

Application for Damaged Passport-
In case you have damaged passport you have right to get it replaced. Application for the replacement should include :-

  • application for replacement of the damaged passport
  • damaged passport
  • affidavit (specimen at Annexure 'B' of the appliocation form)
  • Fee Rs 2500
Application for Expired Passport-
One can apply for reissue of passport in case its validity period gets over. This application can be made one year before the expiry date or within two years after it expires. If the passport has not expired finally then the same booklet is renewed. The application should be submitted along with
  • Fresh application form
  • previous passport
  • proof of residence only if the present address is different from that given in the previous passport
The passport application can be made for a 36 paged normal passport booklet or a 60 paged Jumbo passport booklet. The fees varries accordingly. For the normal passport fees is Rs 300 for 10 years and Rs 600 for 20 years. the 60 pager costs Rs 500 for 10 years and Rs 800 for 20 years.

Miscellaneous Services-
In case of marriage, re-marriage or divorce:
  • Fresh application form
  • Certified marriage certificate or an affidavit from husband and wife (Annexure 'A' of application form)
  • In case of divorce, divorce deed authenticated by a court
  • In case of re-marriage, divorce deed or death certificate of spouse duly authenticated
Even if you have changed your name, inform the RPO / PO concerned and get it cahnged in the passport too. Apply for the change along with a fresh application form and two original newspaper clippings giving notice of change of name and an affidavit (annexure 'A' of the application form).

In case of further information or inquiries write to the Chief Passport Officer or fax or telephone him.

Postal address:

Chief Passport Officer,
Ministry of External Affairs,
Patiala House Annexe,
Tilak Marg,
New Delhi-110001

Telephone :3384519
Fax :3384461

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