Types of Visas

Other Types of Visas

Business Visa- A foreigner can obtain from an Indian embassy abroad a multiple entry business visa valid for five years. A foreigner of Indian origin can obtaina five year multientry visa from the Indian mission in the country of his residence. This facility is also available to the dependent members of their families.

Student Visa- A student visa can be obtained from the Indian embassy on the production of proof of admission and means of sustenance while in India, etc. The visa is valid for one year or the duration of the course of academic study which ever is less.

Conference Visa- Delegates coming to attend international conferences in India can be granted conference as well as tourism in India. Delegates are advised to apply to the Indian embassies well in advance.

Foreigners wishing to undertake trekking, botanical expeditions, canoe-rafting etc in a team may be granted visa for therequired duration on presentation of full details of the touring members, nature of event, area to be visited and any other tourist information that may be asked for, by the Indian Embassy.

Sports team or individuals sportsmen wishing to participate in international sports events being held in India may apply to an Indian embassy / mission for the necessary duration. Requests for such visas may be made well in advance.

Foreign journalists, media men, documentary and feature film makers may obtain necessary visas.

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