Delivery, Fees & Duplicate Passport

Passport Information:

In case of Urgency-
If the passport has to be taken out on quick notice or urgently then you require a verification certificate (as per specimen at Annexure G of the application form) from any officer of the rank of Deputy Secretary and above in the Central Government or equivalent in the State Government, Colonel and above or its equivalent in Air Force and Navy, General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, SSP of district or one of those listed in Annexure 'G' (page 16 of the application form). Please note an out of turn passport is issued only in cases of specified emergencies, on production of documentary evidence.

Emergency certificates are also issued. These are one way travel documents to return to India and are gnenrally issued to visiting Indians who lose their passport or to people who need to be deported. However, such certificates can be issued if the Indian citizenship of the person is confirmed.

Delivery of the Passport-
Normally the Passports are delivered only to the applicant or despatched by registered post to the applicant's present address as given in the application form. In case a passport has already been granted, in the normal course, the applicant may approach the Passport Office for counter delivery. Such passports can then be delivered at the counter.

You can either apply for a 36-paged normal passport booklet (Fees: Rs. 300/- for 10 year; Rs. 600/- for 20 year validity) or a 60-paged jumbo passport booklet (Fees: Rs. 500/- for 10 year; Rs. 800/- for 20 year validity). The fees has to be paid either by Bank draft in favour of the Passport Officer concerned or in cash at the counter of the Passport Office.

Application for Duplicate Passport-
In case that the passport is lost inform the police immediately and obtain a copy of the FIR. Also, inform the passport office or the Indian mission incase you are not in India. And apply for a duplicate passport.
Application for duplicate passport includes :-

  • Application for lost passport
  • copy of the FIR
  • affidavit (specimen at annexure 'B' of the passport form)
  • copy of the lost passport, if available
  • Fees Rs 2500

Passport is valuable document and in case it is misused you can be held responsible, if you have not informed the official.

Application for Damaged Passport-

Application for Expired Passport-

Miscellaneous Services-

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